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At Almquist Lumber we are proud to be recognized as a center for the woodworking and wood-loving communities in Humboldt County, California. We are located in the city of Arcata, and our position on the North Coast of California puts us right in the center of a very active woodworking community.

Sarah Hollowell, woodworking teacher

“The staff at Almquist Lumber know what they’re talking about when it comes to woodworking. “Almquist has a wide selection of quality woodworking materials to choose from and the staff is wonderful! I feel comfortable sending my students to them."

Sarah Hollowell, Woodworking Instructor at Humboldt State University


Doralee, woodworker

"Almquist has a great selection of tools and fine woods, and a staff that is eager to help...I feel very fortunate to have a store of their caliber available."

Doralee, woodworker and retired woodworking teacher at College of the Redwoods, California

Ray Dennison Rose Creek Woodworks

"Almquist Lumber provides the best possible products and the staff are specialists in their field always ready to lend a helping hand."

Ray Dennison, Rose Creek Woodworks

Susan Bicknell, Rosebud Woodworking

"There are three things that make woodworking in Humboldt County not only enjoyable, but possible. They are Almquist Lumber, the CR Construction Technology program, and the Humboldt Woodworking Society."

Susan Bicknell, Rosebud Woodworking
Head of Forestry Department, Humboldt State University

Larry Dern, woodworker

"From the back of a truck, from Blue Lake and now Arcata, Almquist continues to deliver."

Larry Dern, Woodworker

Paul Kinsey, professor of Construction Technology

"I know with confidence Almquist Lumber has the materials, tools and machinery for the beginning student or professional woodworker."

Paul Kinsey
Professor of Construction Technology, College of the Redwoods


Art Zich, woodworking enthusiast

"It's amazing that we have a store like Almquist in our area."

Art Zich
Woodworking Enthusiast


Tom Tellez, master woodworker

"Almquist Lumber is so great, so unique. I've found that big cities have a lot of lumber companies, but we have one great lumber company. Almquist Lumber is the best."

Tom Tellez
Master Woodworker

Joel McCoy, cabinet maker

"My clients want attention to detail. Almquist gives me the resources to provide options to my clients."

Joel McCoy, cabinetmaker

Tim Thornton, Mad River Millworks

"Versatile, adaptive, positive relationship, accomodating...all words used to describe Almquist Lumber."

Tim Thornton
Owner, Mad River Woodworks